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24 April 2008


Maggie Jochild

Hooray, you're back! And with BELLS on. Great post, great ad, great points.

Gema Gray

Yeah - Katz, you're back. We missed you!

I am rendered speechless by this ridiculous FCC ruling. "Implying nudity" is a problem? Well then half the shows on TV should be banned. How many bedroom scenes in TV drama and movies "imply nudity"? Pu-lease!!!
Slap a PG13 rating on the ad (which is gorgeous and tasteful) and get on with it.

I would suggest that if this were an ad for young women, with 20-somethings posing in this manner, it would be just fine. This issue speaks to the ageism of this society and I suspect to the power of the almighty advertising dollar. This ad would not appeal to the coveted 18-25 year old male, who probably doesn't want to see images of women his mother's age without clothes on.

We wouldn't want to traumatise the young by suggesting that their mothers are vital, vibrant, beautiful and yes, sexy, now would we?!

Account Deleted

The smile on the woman's face at the top says it all. This indeed is an uplifting ad that embodies celebration. I agree with your analysis, there are much more provocative and disturbing events on TV that it is simply ludicrous. Do you have any information on how we, the readership, can take action on the matter?

Joan Price

Thank you for bringing this to my attention -- I'll be blogging about this myself. As you said, this is about older women looking and feeling sexy just as they are, without any "anti-aging" fixing. And as Gema noted, if these were 20-somethings showing off their bodies, the photos would be considered normal and acceptable. Oooh, this makes me mad!

Joan Price

clint broadus

gema gray!! u said it all and ur right, nothin more to say except i agree with u!!yea!

Mike Evans

Dove products contain palm oil and are made by Unilever, a company which continues to buy from companies who destroy rainforests in Indonesia to make way for palm oil plantations. These forests are home to the threatened Orang-utan. I agree wholeheartedly that the FCC should apply its rules uniformly, and that the 'implied' nudity of older women should be treated no differently from that of men or younger people. These women seem both happy and beautiful to me. However, there are more important reasons to resist supporting this immoral company.

Sue Katz

What excellent comments. Gema, you obviously spoke to the hearts of others. Jeffrey, I suspect there's a lot of work being done around censorship. And Mike, thanks for your important, enlightening input.


I have been watching the DOVE marketing since this started (their other advert with the speeded up images of what a pretty girl goes through for a make up ad are frightening) and I wish we could all get the FCC cleaned up and boot the bums OUT! Our government has been taken over by the far right. Let's fix that.

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