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22 July 2008


Mary Eileen Williams

Despite your bites, this sounds like a wonderful trip. I have never been to Maine and, after reading this, want to go more than ever. Your amazing way with words and descriptions definitely whet my appetite--no wonder you had such success as a travel writer!


Ah...to be offline for 3 days. Sounds blissful. Hope you didn't return to a stuffed unread email box. Except for the bites, sounds like a perfect weekend.


That sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful weekend. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you can get back for another weekend before the summer is over. Then again, the fall might be equally as lovely (minus the swim maybe)! Thanks for the lovely visuals.

P.s. I'm betting on a kinky past on that porch...LOL


Not nearly enough nakedness, but hey, glad you had a nice time. :-)

Susan Crain Bakos

OOOhhhh, this does sounds wonderfuly....and I am a confirmed city person. It must be your writing. I meant to post a comment on your piece about Gina Ogden and then I was lured into traveling with you. Yes, Gina is wonderful. I think her book WOMEN WHO LOVE SEX is the most female sexuality affirming book ever. I have been recommending it to women for years. Highest praise: I gave copies to my DIL (before she was) and my nephew's wife.
And this trip of yours....lovely.


Yes indeed the mosqitos of New England are like slowmoving B-57's and realy pack a punch! Did hear much of the unique Maine expression " Eh Yup" when you were there?

Wayne D. Chandler

Sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the bubble wrap effect. My family has had property on
Pennesseewassee (East side)since the 1900's. We spend six month there, and six months in San Diego (you can easily guess which months where). Hope to see you next time.

Wayne Chandler


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Brenda Melhus

Your blog was mentioned at a meeting this morning, so I thought I should check it out. Being a resident of Norway only since 1994, I am always curious what brings others to "the last place I will ever live".

I certainly hope you have been back to Norway since 2008. If not, it is time.

You should try it in the winter, no mosquitos!
Since you enjoyed the beauty of Ordway Grove, we now have Roberts Farm Preserve overlooking the lake,wfltmaine.org.

Thank you for your kind words about a very special place.

Sue Katz

Brenda, what a treat to hear from you and get your lovely comment. And how exciting that someone mentioned my blog. I haven't been back but now you have me curious about the winter views. I bet it's gorgeous in fall too. Thanks so much for writing.

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