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26 February 2013


Stephen Weinstein

Your observations are spot on! Also eligible for severe criticism are the producers and writers of this sophomoric presentation.

Apples and pickles in a potato salad???

Sue Katz

And celery and red pepper and scallions and other treats. Don't knock it till you try it, Stephen!

Gema Gray

Absolutely! Cut all the hate-masquerading-as-jokes, and the totally unnecessary, poorly executed, dance numbers. Then let the Oscar winners speak without drowning them out. When an award is won by multiple people, I think each of them should be able to pay tribute to their supporters and families.

In addition to women, Jews, blacks, and the homeless, the inappropriate "jokes" also encompassed alcohol abuse, drug use, pedophilia, Hispanics, the list goes on...Ugh!!

Sue Katz

Gema, cut all of that the whole show can be an hour long! Yeah, he really is seething with arrogance and hatred - just like Hollywood. Thanks for writing.

Shirley Moskow

Not only women were offended. My husband walked out on what he called a "hateful" presentation. He never saw the end of the program.

rita connolly

Since I just retired it was my first chance to see the Oscars in years. Perhaps never again. Maybe make potato salad and invite others for an evening of Train Dominoes. Life is too short for supporting that crap.

sue katz

Rita, hold on there. I'm not letting one year of Seth MacFarland kill my party - which I have held in various countries over decades. When Whoopie or Ellen hosted, it was hysterical. There was a long period of political activism - from Native American rights to supporting the fight for a cure to AIDS to publicly coming out. Don't make such drastic assumptions because this piece of fecal matter got $100 million to screw up our evening. There were many years where it was good entertainment.

sue katz

Shirley, your guy missed one of the most pathetic show endings in TV history. Well done on his part.

rita connolly

Katz, by all means make potato salad and other goodies, vacuum, invite and enjoy. I am addressing how I may choose to spend my time. Many years in my case without seeing Oscars has made it clear that life can go on with or without this event. Working evenings and nights for years means I often didn't get to see the movies. So if too lazy to make that potato salad (make it well and also put extras in - no apples but big on olives) I may just opt to go see one of them thar picture shows. Not really sure we will see the good entertainment era again too soon. But I could take your word for it if it returns.


And what about the LA gay men's chorus singing it???
What were they thinking?

sue katz

Jo-Lynne, that was so horrifying that I completely repressed it. What WERE they thinking?

sue katz

There really wasn't much to see in this crop of movies, Rita, other than the documentaries, which apparently were all worthy of our time.

Sheila Parks

How much did the Dick really get paid? I was multi-tasking or I would have shut it off, but it came through anyhow. I don't know why I did not shut if off, it was beyond words, beyond the beyond

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