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22 November 2013


Alan Venable

Good column! Personally I had only the faintest idea of boys going to Wheeling or Steubenville from my Peabody High class of 62, but by 63 it sounds like kids were chartering buses! So much went on amongst others we each had no idea about.

Sue Katz

Alan, how wonderful to hear from you, a fellow student at my high school - if a bit ahead of me. Yes, I think I was in my 40s before I found out that one of my best friends in high school was sleeping with my brother - while we were in high school! Thanks so much for writing.

Allen Young

I had a tiny bit of sex when I was in high school (once with a boy my age, once with an adult), and never actually spent a night with another boy. I am envious of anyone who had an meaningful, romantic same-sex relationship in high school. I'm fortunate that I had that in college, when I hear about so many who didn't have it until many years after that. I hope times are changing.

Sue Katz

My personal experience was horrendous - once we got caught. I'm trying to write about that mistreatment now, Allen.

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