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12 December 2013


Mike Evans

What they were thinking in the 1970s my dear Sue is that the building would be populated by young athletic people who would generally prefer to take the stairs than the lift, sorry, elevator. Mostly wearing polo neck sweaters in high-lycra, sorry, spandex, fabric.

And don't you remember, in the 1970s we knew for sure that by the year 2000 that old age would be a thing of the past? Elders would remain fit and able, and everything would be shiny and glorious.

After all we could land a man on the moon right? Who would drive anywhere? Monorail public transport would whoosh us to our door. Solving old age and healthcare for everyone should be a piece of, erm, well you know.

I hope your guests made it home OK.

Sue Katz

Mike, You'd do lycra so much better than me - whether in the 80s or now. No, I think they were just cutting costs. Sigh. Love hearing from you!

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