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22 December 2013


Mike Evans

Ah but I know you are a fit, handsome Christian gay man under that tough exterior of yours Ms K :)

You can't fool us! Anyway you've been stuffed by the calendar this year mixing Hanukkah and Thanksgiving up so you might as well don a red and white silly hat and hang shiny baubles on a fir tree: those well known symbols of erm.... Christianity? Really? Perhaps someone has their cultures mixed up after all. I have a suspicion that those things are actually symbols of consumerism.

Oh and unless I'm mistaken there are a couple of one second appearances by a possibly ethnically Indian, spectacle wearing woman (last noticed by me at 1:58) who of course might be a lesbian, although we have seen her snuggling up to a guy earlier on so maybe she picks and chooses as suits her mood. (And why shouldn't she?)

What I actually object to in all this is not the silliness, the assumption that LBGT = muscular young man in underwear, the glibness of the message. It is that at the second that two of the men look like they might actually kiss it cuts away. Oh yeah, Heaven forbid that the great American public should actually be exposed to the fact that gay people might actually do something like that!

sue katz

Yes, that was very annoying, that cutaway non-kiss. And yes there was some attempt to be inclusive racially, but what was that woman's role anyway? It was all annoying and off key.

Joan Price

I thought the singer's fur coat was in questionable taste, too.

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