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16 October 2014



So missing this critique of patriarchy now: this is not, in my sphere, an era of coalition-building despite boundaries. I admire the rigor, courage & generosity of the project & can only imagine the storms of adversity WAF faced. Who is doing this work now, I wonder?
Thanks, Katz, for fueling my fire for nearly half a century.

sue katz

A lot of women passed through WAF, some remaining for years, and it's like any consciousness, once you know it, you know it. In other words, V, the quite unique (at the time) perspective of WAF is part of all of those activists, many of whom are still kicking butt today. As for me personally, the older I get, the less patience I have, something much needed for coalition-building!

Mike Evans

Great review as always. I'd echo Verandah's question though. Of course individual organisations have a life and perhaps I just have fewer activist friends these days. Is is that women find they have nothing common to contribute to the anti-fundamentalist voice any more? That would be strange.

I'm attending a conference on Quaker Life this weekend so perhaps I'll find out. The Quakers have a long history of standing against violence in all its forms, and this has often been inspired and led by the women in our community.

sue katz

Mike, I actually answered Verandah but forgot to hit the button that posts it. Did I know that you're a Quaker? My friend Sue O'Sullivan, who you've met, was also raised Quaker.

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