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03 February 2017



Thank you for saving me the time and $ on this one!


I didn't notice most of your objection Sue, but I whole heartedly agree.... THIS FILM IS SO BORING


Oh dear. Haven't seen it yet but Olivia loved it. Her teenage friend said "it was life-changing" Perhaps it's suited to a younger audience?


I'm neutral on a few of the plot points you make because I was dozing off here and there. It totally eludes me what people seem to love about this film. And to think it could win the big prize over "Moonlight"--grrrrr.

tracy moore

totally. yes boring, and the most revolting piece is white as white ryan g "bringing back" jazz as a popular music form and, as you say, having black musicians as scenery. i guess only a white guy can make jazz contemporary, because there aren't any jazz musicians any more, right?

if you haven't, watch aziz ansari's skit from SNL a few weeks ago when he's been jailed for being iffy about la la land. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/la-la-land-interrogation/3457925?snl=1


To the privilege point...I was so confused by the message there. They weren't working for a long time, had "humble" living arrangements but then the close-up of his watch showed it was a vintage Omega, runs about a $1000. Like why give it a full second on screen? So weird. Guessing the car was a gift from the parents? Odd portrayal of being impoverished.


Thanks, Katz, once again, for watching so I don't have to.


Finally got to see it this evening. Sooo boring. Almost fell asleep several times. Dull, dull, dull. I agree with all your comments. No passion between the two. No other characters developed. Even the jazz was boring and I'm a fan. Can't understand why it is getting so many awards. And please... no Oscars.

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