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11 June 2017


Mike Evans

Happy Pride. I'm proud of you at least :)

Yes, we voted for Corbyn, but not bigly enough. Now it appears that the strident May will get into bed with the misogynistic, anti-gay DUP, then loose the leadership of her party to the dreadful Boris. The Armageddon we spoke of last year when you were here may happen: Trump in the Whitehouse and Boris in No 10. Ye Gads and Little Plastic Fishes, where is my rainbow tutu?


Sounds like D.C was much more interesting :


Sue Katz

Yeah, I posted that this morning as well. Very righteous!

Sue Katz

Well, the Queen shouldn't allow May to hook up with the Ulster oinkers, but we'll see what comes down. Can't wait to see you!


Happy to hear about you knee and the beauty of the day.

Were old folks visible to us when we were young activists? I thought yes.

And you are always visible (3-D) to me.

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