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08 November 2017


Dr Susan Corso

What just happened, Katz, is the book version of streaming that happens with music all the time. We have learned to think that our "entertainment" ought to cost nothing. Not, mind you, that it does. People are paying cable fees, but still ...

Sue Katz

Even seniors? Elders? I fear you may be right - but other similar audiences have been great buyers. (Shaking my head.)

Mike Evans

People don't like to admonished over lunch. I have discovered a truly marvellous demonstration of this proposition that this margin is too narrow to contain

Sue Katz

Not sure what you're saying, Mike. Their institute is structured around lectures etc during lunch. All such lifelong institutes are structured that way - it's like a freebie for the students. They could've eaten elsewhere. They were into it.

Mike Evans

From selling pottery at various events I have come to the conclusion that you just can't call it. Some will be good and others not. What does seem true though is that people buy from people. Someone who, in my assessment, had no intention of buying gets into conversation with me. In talking with me they then make a decision to buy something. People buy from people they like - maybe admonishing them is not a way to encourage them to like. The second sentence of my original comment is a quote.

Sue Katz

Hey, with your charm Mike, you could sell stale pretzels. Blowing kisses to you!

Patricia Hilliard

Yep, when you said you admonished them to support writers, I felt like you changed the situation from friendly support for your writing to an obligation of support for your writing. You took their power to award you away from them.

Charles Coe

Many good points already made that I won't repeat. Bottom line: You never fucking know...

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