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27 December 2017


Doug Ridley

Wonderfully written, as always. Polymath that you are, it is good to know that there is at least one area of your life in which you strive, at best, for competence. Memory still burns bright of the time you pulled a can of air freshener from your voluminous bag while on a walk through the Oxfordshire countryside because a cow had the temerity to poop within ten feet of you...

Sue Katz

You're making that up, Doug!!

Kay Bourne

A winter memory wonderfully captured which I will ponder as I content myself by gazing out my windows.

Kay Bourne


Priceless. I thought *I* was bad!

Verandah Porche


I notice you did not mention the schoolhouse critters.

Enjoy your spikes. Were you not called Spike in London.

I am sure you can find your footing in the sticks, if you wish. xoxox


Had lots of fun with you at T & R's. Glad you made it through. ❤️


Katz you are a gem! From a girl with strong buffalo, NY roots...I can relate to all that mother nature’s winter wind blows...and then some...basically it is about hunkering down with those comforts near and dear....and then being able to talk survival tales....hugs to ya for an early spring....and survival...xoxox

Charles Light

Nice story. Sorry we missed you, but we spent xmas up in Portland with Travis and Hope and our two little grandsons, Elias and Damon.

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