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11 June 2018


Joan Price

I can't decide which of your requests I love more: "Toss me a piece of heaven!" or "Give me more leg room!" Wonderful post, Sue.

Mike Evans

I haven't been to London pride in decades, nor to Brighton Pride in almost a decade. I lost interest when it changed from Protest to Parade. I certainly do not want tat hand-outs from corporations who not so long ago would refuse employment to homosexuals, or someone with HIV.

There is also part of me that says "that battle is won" and although we might not be quite there, the tide turned a long time ago. I have my lovely husband and I don't face discrimination. Our neighbours love us and treat us as any other couple. The real tragedy is that in that same time nothing has improved for the Palestinians.

Sue Katz

Mike, this is the most political comment you've ever made on my blog and I must say your points are thoroughly well-taken. Except for one change that is happening here in the States: we are literally moving towards a dictatorial fascism with a government full of people who absolutely HATE lgbtq people (in addition to Black and Brown people and immigrants and sick people and poor people and and and). A lesbian couple was just beat viciously in a bar not far from my house. Hatred is pouring through the streets. I didn't mention any of this in my silly little piece, but complacency here is unfortunately no longer an option. As it has never been for the Palestinians. I was glad to see a small group of Israeli lesbians who interrupted Tel Aviv Pride to say, "No Pride in Occupation."

Mike, I love you and miss you!

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