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Wordsmith and rebel Sue Katz has lived, worked and published journalism on three continents. She used to be most proud of her martial arts career and her world travel, but now she is focused on her writing. Her books include A Raisin in My Cleavage: short & shorter stories, Lillian in Love, and Lillian's Last Affair and other stories. Join her blog, Consenting Adult, for her latest news.


Sue Katz’s business card identifies her as a “wordsmith and rebel.” She has lived and worked on three continents: first as a martial arts master, then promoting transnational volunteering, and most recently, teaching fitness and dance to seniors and elders. In all her locations, she has been an activist for social justice. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published for decades in anthologies, magazines, and online. Her books include Lillian in Love, Lillian’s Last Affair and other stories, and Thanks But No Thanks: The Voter’s Guide To Sarah Palin. You can reach Katz at [email protected]