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29 March 2007


C.S. Lewiston

I just don't get why some doctors feel the need to part-out women like junked cars. Didn't these people have mothers? (Did I just answer my own question?)

If I were president, no one would be admitted to a sports bar before the age of 29. Admittance to sex-positive boutiques like Good Vibrations, Lovecraft, etc. however, would be universal to all adults. Betty Dodson would be assistant surgeon general and all sex ed courses would teach masturbation, first thing. Oh yes, and medical students would never be permitted to graduate without taking an oath against unnecessary surgeries (all kinds).


That's some image, C.S. Lewiston - "junked cars". As for Betty Dodson as Asst Surgeon General, it's funny, but just this weekend someone gave me a pin that says "Willie Nelson for Surgeon General."

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