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20 May 2007


Susan Corso

Sue, the story about serving in the dining room was a genuine ouch. Please take care of yourself as you "mourn" the good Rev. Personally, I think he's getting a good talking to, wherever he is now.


Thanks for the sympathy - it was a life-long remembered "ouch" indeed. And thanks for the private heads-up on the typo. I fixed it.

Gema Gray

Upon hearing of his death, someone released a statement saying that one of Falwell's achievements was to politicize religion and thus advance the tenor of public discourse in this country.

I couldn't disagree more. What Falwell did, I believe, was "religionize" politics, thus plunging public discourse into the polarized, bigoted, hate-filled, name-calling morass we must now endure on a 24-7 news cycle.

Keep the blogs coming Katz. They're always a good read! :-)


Thanks Gema. All over the world people try to "religionize" politics - what a great phrase! - including (as you know) Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine and many more. It's a way not to deal with the real interests (too often money and power).



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