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11 May 2007


lynne friedli

Christian Davies, the daughter of a brewer, born in 1667 (died in London Chelsea Hospital in 1744) was one of a number of 'female soldiers' in the 17th and 18th century who made full use of contemporary 'shewees', although the ones they had sound much more stylish:

"it was very easy to her, by means of a urinary instrument, a silver tube, painted over and fastened about with leather straps"

The British Heroine 1742 (British Library)

Mary Hamilton, who married Mary Price in 1746, (and subsequently two other women) used hers for a rather different purpose it seems:

"she deceived her wives on each occasion by means of something too vile, wicked and scandalous a nature".

(Henry Fielding The Female Husband 1746 and somerset court records)

Readers of this blog may like to know that according to Fielding, Mary Hamilton:

"was no novice in impurity, which, as she confessed, she had learnt and often practiced at Bristol with her methodistical sisters...."

nothing new under the sun it seems.


Lynne, there is simply no scholar on the earth like you. Reminds me of the old days in London when I had the radio show and you were my most erudite (and fetching) interviewee on all matters transgressive. Thanks so much for these riveting tidbits.

Joan Price

> people go to the bathroom on average six times daily

Oh goodness, whom did they interview to get that figure? Sure not women, nor anyone who drinks coffee! I go that often before noon, thanks to both being a woman and drinking cofee!

About Kegels -- the key is to do them slowly, as if your pelvic floor has a zipper you're zipping it up one notch at a time. I include full instructions in my book.

Joan Price

Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (http://www.joanprice.com/BetterThanExpected.htm )

Join us -- we're talking about ageless sexuality at http://www.betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.com


I spent an interesting afternoon once opbserving my bladder on an ultrasound machine. I could see the kidneys delivering urine to the bladder, a process I had always imagined as "the drip system". I couldn't have been more wrong. Think "water pistol system". Urine shot into the bladder in strong bursts. Suddenly I realized where that urge to urinate came from... increasingly sensitive bladder walls react to the bursts from the kidneys by sending out the pee alarm. NOW when my pee alarm sounds, I stop and think... Is my bladder really full or did I just get a full blast from each kidney? If I know I haven't gotten near capacity, I just tell my bladder to shut up and relax. Works wonders.

It helps not to gulp that hot drink too fast. Gulp it down and it'll all be shooting into the bladder at once giving the walls no time to adjust.

Think of the pee alarm as if it were a smoke alarm. Just because the smoke alarm goes off, you don't necessarily have to dash out of the house. You may just have to turn down the stove and give the air a chance to clear. Just give it a little time.

Sue Katz

Kath, what a fabulous image.I want to know more. I never imagined that it worked the way you describe, but what you talk about fits what the Drip Dominatrix says about maintaining control. Thanks.

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