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15 June 2007


Gema Gray

I have a son so thankfully, I'm spared this particular barrage of child marketing. It's horrendous. My first thoughts are always with those awful pictures of "sexy" Jon Benet Ramsey all tarted up and adult looking - ugh!

Of course, this is from a 40 year old who hasn't worn a lick of make-up in 15 years. My husband is allergic to fragrance and some creams, make-ups etc. and hates the "tarty" look anyway. I can attest that this is the best road to healthy young-looking skin. I have saved a fortune in make-up products and the creams and goops for its removal. I have healthy, smooth skin because I haven't abused it over the years with all the chemicals. People are often surprised when I tell my age.

Yes, I look pretty drab sometimes, especially after a sleepless night; and yes when I get all dressed up to go somewhere I look ruefully into the mirror and hanker for a touch of blusher and a swirl of mascara; but on the whole, I think I get a pretty good deal out of my "au naturel" face.

Susan Corso

Oh, Sue, how devastating is that! Make-up for kids. I agree with your cousin, but undertakers have been in the cosmetology business for years. When is humanity going to get what's important?

Thanks for writing this.

Susan Corso


Gema, I have always worn eye makeup, but I hope I've avoided the myths.

And Susan, your point about undertakers is spot on.

When profit is the main motive, forcing little children into gender categories for commercial gain passes as good business. Yuck.


On Make-Up For the Dead

After Hilda's death, the undertaker told us "Mom's not ready" for viewing. My sister and I assured him that our mother was all set. He unzipped the corduroy bag that looked like the Snugli pack we carried our babies in.


I had seen that pallor outside the funeral parlor on models whose stylists have pursued that Siege of Leningrad drama.

Please convey my compliments to Cousin Sandy. Perhaps we need a line of tints and cremes for resurrection.


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