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20 July 2007


Susan Corso

Sue, this is scary, scary, scary. Susan

Gema Gray

Unsurprising that this should come out of Japan, a society that traditionally has expected it's wives and girlfriends to be compliant and submissive - way beyond what has been the case in Western societies.

These dolls may "help" some socially-challenged men, and perhaps some disabled ones too; but pedofiles and sexual predators now have a new tool upon which to practice and perfect their sick perversions, before inflicting themselves on their victims. I doubt that these dolls will long satisfy their sick lust for controlling and terrorising people into submission.

Very disturbing.

Sue Katz

Gema, I've had to really think about your comments deeply. I don't really see it the way you see it. And I doubt Japanese sexism is all that more extreme than what I've seen in many parts of this country - or in any traditional or fundamentalist society. In my travels, I've found that while the styles differ, the limitations on women are similar (if varied in degree.) And I don't personally like the words "sick" and "perverted" unless there's a lack of human consent (ie coercion and violence) involved. I would suspect that the men who are emotionally invested in these dolls are not only not generally a physical threat to women, they probably are highly reluctant to really engage with live women at all. And as for these dolls being tiny, petite and youthfully "pure" looking, well that just reflects what we see in so much of the world of advertising and entertainment. Sigh.


from a male viewpoint, certainly does not replace human contact but then sensations and the "no urgency" genital stimulation can sure be a pleasent pastime, fun to explore anyway


Hello, first time to post. Can I ask if you know the biggest forum that I can find the people who actually bought love dolls? except for Dollforum.com. I already use it but want to find the other site to get more reviews and info. Doesn't have to be about doll only, but also about adult toys and stuff.


Dear Dersu,
I wish I could be more helpful, but I can't claim to be an expert on love dolls. Perhaps another reader can help?

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