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14 August 2007



Thanks Katz,

I hope your message ranges far beyond the blogo-ghetto.

Why do these stars omit the life and death issues you lay out?

Tunnel vision: what oriface or foxhole do they have their heads up or in?

Look what the askers get in return:

fluff and waffles, spin and pander.

You put your finger on what really counts.

Surge forward with the words, dear.

Trigger vigorous debate.

Love, Verandah

Greg Morris

Great points on the triviality of the media approach to human issues. What do our political leaders think beyond sound bites? Apparently no one in the media really wants to know.


Thanks beloved Verandah and cousin Greg for the comments here - and to the others that have written me privately. I wasn't sure if this piece was "on topic" for my blog, but I'm encouraged by your support. I was angered by the small-minded narrow focus on assimilation while the country is in the crapper.

Kaz Williams

Brilliant, and loved the pictures. Should be widely sent out. Thanks Sue.
x Kaz

Gema Gray

What an interesting piece...

My feeling is that the problem of debate questioners not being connected to the street is widespread rather than a LOGO issue. It's as if there's some unspoken collusion between candidates and questioners so that everyone knows what's coming and the platitudes and prepared remarks can just be trotted out for tomorrow's soundbites.

And that's why the candidates are so damn scared of a YouTube debate. They will actually be forced to answer questions from real people in real time. I think it will be much harder for them to revert to their prepared texts and speeches.

I miss the times when experienced, unbiased journalists would ask truly probing questions of candidates, who could in turn expound on an issue and share of themselves with the electorate. Everyone is too packaged now - journalist and candidate alike.


I find it fascinating that so many people are responding with such insightful comments. Kaz, if you have any idea how I can circulate this, let me know. I haven't figured it out yet. And Gema, I so totally agree with you. This is why I pay gobs of money to get the kind of delux cable that gives me BBC news and why I get the rest of my news online from progressive sources. Thanks to both of you for writing.

Susie Bright

Right on. How about this: gay liberation. sexual liberation. Remember those phrases? I am nauseated by this marriage, military, and "are you born to the manner of queerness" crap. it's all so small. whoever knew the questions of sexuality and banal would become as banal and materialisitic as everything else. I couldn't bring myself to watch this debate because I knew I would fall to the floor foaming at the mouth.


Susie, How quickly they turned a movement into a commercial demographic. The whole flag-waving, assimilationist abdication of, as you say, the idea of liberation is worse than criminal: it's downright friggin boring.

When I was in London, I read about a gay pride "parade" (remember when it was a protest march?!) that took as it's theme the right to serve in the military. One fabulous group participated under a banner "Gays To the Millinery" wearing gorgeous hats. To that I could relate.

Does anyone know how I can get the Visible Vote website to quote my blog or link to it? I searched like crazy & could not find a way to communicate with them.

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