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02 December 2007


Joan Price

I adored Sarah Wernick and your beautiful post here moved me deeply. Sarah was always generous with her professional advice, and her wonderful spirit drew others to her -- friends, colleagues, strangers.

I didn't know she was ill until I learned she had died. Such a shock. Such a loss.

Thank you for sharing your memories here.


Sally Olds

Sue, I loved your post -- it captured Sarah so well. I feel so privileged to have been one of her many particular friends who benefited from her sage advice, her incomparable sense of humor, and her bountiful generosity! Thank you for writing this. Sally


Sally and Joan,
I appreciate that both of you put your comments right here on the blog. A slew of Sarah-lovers wrote me, but privately via email. I think it's great to have evidence of how widely she was loved, right here on the blog. Thanks again.

Fawn Fitter

I have missed Sarah ever since I left Boston. She was my mentor and my friend, and I loved her. And she made me laugh -- "Fuck Yourself Thin" was quintessential Sarah!

Thank you so much for writing this so I could feel, just for a second, as if I had made it to the memorial. Damn, I miss her.



Thanks Fawn, for writing. I've had such warm exchanges over this piece on Sarah that I'm just beginning to come to understand the width and depth of her friendship world.

Pat McNees

Sarah's own website is no longer up but you can find its contents migrated to my website:
So, You Want to Write a Book!
by Sarah Wernick

Book Collaboration & Ghostwriting:

which includes
Sarah Wernick's FAQ on Collaboration:

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