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12 December 2007



you pretty much cover it all, still hard to imagine someone, especially someone with access to the public can be so unenlightened, butt then that applies to so many that is a different arena


you are absolutely right on. liked the hatpin idea. probably a swiss army knife corkscrew would work also.

C.S. Lewiston

Hatpin? I was thinking along the lines of a .45 caliber automatic pistol! Or a baseball bat (only kidding, Homeland Security).

Seriously, I'm glad that 16-year-old kid had a phone-cam, and could, identify her violator to the police.

Digression - could the prevalence of sexual harassment on mass transit be part of the reason our streets and highways are clogged with dozens of cars with only one passenger in them?

The radio "personality" who glorifies this kind of bullshit is right down there with other enemies of sexuality like James Dobson, Pat Robertson and half the U.S. Supremist Court. This person makes Marabel Morgan look like Gloria Steinem! If this is targeted media marketing, who are her um, handlers marketing to? This is beyond "free speech", this sounds more like incitement to commit mayhem.

Oh yeah, I was lovers with a menopausal woman some time back. She was SO not a "dead moose"!


I always wonder about these people who seemed to have missed the 60s/70s and fantasize (nightmare-ize?) that older women are just gagging for the slightest whiff of attention from the testosterone brigade. Anyway, any woman carrying a Swiss army knife, Jaya, is bound to be one of those fabulous women you, CS, were referring to. And Howard, I agree that it's too frustrating to note who gets to air their "views" and who doesn't.

C.S. Lewiston

Not to hog the comment thread, but certain prevailing attitudes about women and aging are long overdue for the scrap heap of history. As is media monopolization.


Perhaps if Eagan got groped or brushed up against on the subway herself she wouldn't write a bunch of nonsense as such. I was rubbed once and I can't explain how vulnerable, unsafe, violated even, it made me feel. That was almost 20 years ago and rarely need to use public transportation now, but I would still think twice before getting on a crowded train.
Thanks for linking to that article, I missed that in the paper.


C.S. - your comments are always highly welcome (although I never got notice of this one - sorry it took so long to get it up). And Rosa, you are probably completely right. The sad thing is that really a journalist shouldn't have to have the experience (famine? home run? war? sexual harassment?) to know that it's no bloody joke. Thanks for writing.

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