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27 January 2008




Thanks for honoring Muhammad Ali, his courage, beauty and the fancy footwork of his words. Is anyone like him out there now?

Also, I like your new photo. Wishes for your health in the rapids of 08.


Gema Gray

I'm too young to remember Muhammad Ali. But I learned a little about him when I was taught in school about the Civil Rights movement in the US. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John & Robert Kennedy, the contrast between Elvis' military service and Ali's experience...I've seen clips of some of his fights, too.

My father spoke of him as a great athlete; my mother extolled his intelligence and humanity. I'll never forget the sight of him lighting the Olympic torch at the Atlanta Games in 1996...

What struck me was his indomitable spirit in the face of his illness. But I also remember thinking that every one of those Civil Rights pioneers came to an untimely end. (Ali is alive, yes, but so fettered by Parkinsons Disease.)

Is this what happens to *all* our heroes? I couldn't help but wonder...


Very inspiring piece on an incredible person. Thanks for reminding us that integrity and honesty still exists in the big world.


Thanks for sharing the words of Ali. I didnt understand his importance until the last couple of years. Wow, he give athletes real political cred!

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