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07 February 2008



Fascinating story. I didn't see it in the boston newspapers. Did anybody else report on it?

Susan Corso

Oh, Sue, how wonderful to read about this delicious man and what he's doing -- especially at a time when art is so policed and so dissed as essential to education! Brava.

Sue Katz

Thanks Shirley and Susan for your comments. As you are both artists doing important work in your fields, you obviously feel a special empathy with Gere's work.

Gema Gray

Great story Katz. Mainstream media needs to pick this up. Have you approached any outlets with the story?

Also, I *love* the new photo.

Lightning TIm

Sue, excellent article. And those quotes by the former U. S. Surgeon General should be shouted, if you don't mind I'm printing them up and putting on a corkboard in the gallery over here.

Sometimes I think the "right" is so focused on making sure that the rest of us adults (non Christian non-marrieds) don't have any sex, that they don't realize that some of their decisions such as no-condoms-in-schools are ACTUALLY KILLING people. Such a truth would be considered by them to be an exaggeration on my part. (The alternative is that they are thinking it's true but the lost lives are worth the sacrifice, and I can't bring myself to believe anyone could be so cruel just to pretend righteousness.)

Excellent article, keep up the good work.

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