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23 February 2008


Gema Gray

Back to six-word memoirs:
Man's religion,
Man's solution, Woman's subjugation.

If “[d]irty dishes, frumpy clothes, and a lack of authentic connections are killing the romance,” then let's try this...

Men in long-term committed relationships (married or otherwise), please do the following for 30 days:
** 80% of the housework.
** 80% of the child-rearing tasks.
** Continue your part-time or full-time paying job(s).
** Encourage your lady to buy some "nice" clothes.
** Spend at least 1 hour per day just chatting with your partner about anything except the kids, money, and work.
** Now, organize a romantic evening, in or out, without the kids.

There, that should do it! What? You're too exhausted after the top three to do any of the others? You can't afford to buy clothes, or go out? My, my, you're not trying very hard are you? No wonder your relationship has no romance and your "authentic connections" are lacking.


Now try adding 30 days of sex to your life and see how much better you feel. Sleep deprivation? A small price to pay for strengthening your marriage, surely. No energy after a long day? Please don't be so selfish - your partner needs you.

Sarcasm aside, I think the pastor was correct in some of his observations about relationships. But in order to add regular sex back into the mix of daily life in a long-term relationship, something else needs to give - and that something shouldn't be sleep. When men shoulder a more equal burden of the tasks of daily life, then women will feel more liberated to work on their relationships. Until then, we struggle to stay awake past the kids' bedtime.

Gema Gray

Oh, and just how ironic is it that the good pastor is from the *Relevant* church!?

You just couldn't make this stuff up! :-)

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