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20 February 2008



I personally hated "No Country". It was a well-constructed film and it boasted some strong performances but nothing that deserved this overkill. I found it a racist depiction of Mexicans, a sexist view of women. His wife was a needy idiot, the mother a bigoted idiot and the sheriff's wife a pillow for the sheriff to lay his angst upon. It was just an old fashioned western without an ounce of reflection or growth from the 50's or 60's.

Gema Gray

I finally saw No Country for Old Men at the weekend. The intense and intriguing performances from the three leading men kept my interest and attention. The writing was wonderfully quirky. The Coens excell at capturing local flavor and injecting the bizarre to illustrate a point. When Josh Brolin's character gets to Mexico, bleeding and tired, he's serenaded by a Mariachi band. The lyrics of the song (in Spanish of course)? "You tried to fly without wings, You tried to touch the sky..." I had to laugh. And at a scene of several bodies decaying in the dessert after a shootout over drugs, the two deputies have this exchange: "Well this is a mess, ain't it?" "Well, if it isn't, it'll do until a mess gets here." I loved that!

But - and here's the crux - I was having all these thoughts and reactions *while I was watching the movie*. There was no suspension of disbelief. It was a well made, cleverly written, superbly acted movie, that simply failed to reach out and draw me into its reality.

I share Mia's assessment, but I happen to like old fashioned westerns - Unforgiven comes to mind as a fine more modern example. But this one was ultimately disappointing.

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