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27 April 2008


Gema Gray

When I recounted this blog to my husband his response was telling...

[Unlike me he wasn't outraged that kids would be exposed to this inappropriate material; he wasn't secretly relieved to only have a son and not daughters; he didn't rail against the multi-billion dollar industry that creates and feeds on insecurities.]

...He simply said: "Well, that's the fault of all the stupid people who fall for that crap."

We can talk about the media manipulating people, how corporate America creates this excessive consumerism, and how the feminist movement has inherently failed, but really, deep down, it is about each and every one of us - especially parents and those with influence over the young - rejecting this "crap" and exposing it as such.

Katz: I'd love a follow-up blog on how many sales this book gets. I have a hard time imagining any parent buying it for a daughter.


The more of your article I read, the more horrified I was. I've long been aware of the health consequences of many "fashionable" shoes as well as the continued trends in plastic surgery... but really, a children's book? Have we no sense of ethics?
This article is a grim reminder of the work left to do, the continual vigilance needed to help girls, young women (and perhaps some of our friends, family and co-workers) (re)gain self-esteem by valuing their uniqueness. A slide show I saw in the 80's created by Jean Kilbourne showing advertising images of women and implicit sexual violence sadly could still be shown today.
Thank you Sue for keeping this outrage in our consciousness.

Maggie Jochild

A gay man I knew in the 1980s, not fat but solidly built, went in drag for Halloween complete with high heels. He ruptured a disk and has had a severe back disability ever since.

When individual solutions are the only acceptable outlet for misery caused by societal ill, then people will go under the knife seeking an identity that will make them "normal", i.e., not crapped on. Because, as Billy Crystal so brilliantly understood when the so-called Reagan Revolution began to destroy our American ideals, Darling, it's better to LOOK good than to FEEL good.

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