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25 June 2008



I can't believe they pulled the ad. Although the minute I heard the kids call him "mum" I knew the reason. I don't understand this medeviel puritanical mindset everyone seems to be in these days.

Actually considering some of the British ads and shows I've seen, THIS was rather bland and mild, so I'm surprised.

Advertisers have been insulting our intelligence for years. I notice no one ever gets upset when women are made to look stupid.

When did everyone suddenly begin to feel they have some God-given right to never feel offended?

What ever happened to live and let live as long as you harm no one?

What's happened to tolerance and common sense?

Dr. Susan Corso

I'm with Lynda. If we never offend anyone, we'll never stand for anything! To those who didn't like the ad, GET OVER IT!



Lynda said it all.
Only 200 people complained out of the thousands who watched the ad, and yet they pulled it just to placate these few people with a medieval mindset? How about the thousands who were "offended" because they pulled the ad?

Gema Gray

Well, well, well...from the moment I heard the little boy say: "Mum", I too was expecting the backlash - but from the gay community *not* straights - at least at that point in the ad. Let me explain...

My experience with families with 2 same-gender parents is *not* that one is called mummy and the other daddy. Usually it's a variation, mummy and mama for example. I've seen daddy and then the word for "daddy" in the language of birth of the 2nd father. You get the picture.

The outrageous suggestion of this ad for me is that it enshrines the belief that there needs to be a mom and a dad in a family raising children. This ad is actually ultra-conservative in it's symbolism and then tries to swing the other way with the kiss.

Oh, and it's also sexist. Why is "mom" the one in the kitchen, seemingly staying home, while dad goes out in his suit and briefcase to work?

It is an equal opportunity offender in my view.

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