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14 August 2008



I love your commentaries. Thanks so much. I've been watching the olympics on CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) for the most part and I think they better than NBC.

They still feature their own athletes more than an international field, but the commentaries are better. And I'd just as soon know about Canadian athletes as US ones.

And they do draw white circles onscreen around the athletes they refer to. Or maybe that's NBC. I don't remember.

Anyway, great posts.

Gema Gray

Fabulous post Katz. Two comments: Michael Phelps wins his 7th gold by one one-hundredth of a second in a race where he looked completely out of it at the half-way point, and NBC doesn't even show the reaction of the swimmer he edged out (Cavic of Serbia). I honestly cannot tell you who won the bronze medal...

Men's beach volleyball...much more interesting than the womens event. As I watched I was trying to figure out why. Then it struck me. At the end of an hour of coverage I knew nothing about these men's love lives, I hadn't been treated to crotch shots every few seconds, and I had learned about how the athletes select partners, their training regime, who specializes in which type of shot and the different strategies each team was employing to win the match. Sexism in sports? Surely not!

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