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17 August 2008


Ruth Z Deming

Sue, loved your Olympics blog today. Very creatively written. Great idea to have a party with chocolates, of course. I very much appreciated the trampoline video. I had NO IDEA how exciting the trampoline could be! The NY Times had been very unkind to Mark Spitz calling him aloof and a loner. You're right that Phelps should've been more gracious esp. since he's such a big winner & universally popular. Yes, the personalities behind the events are as fascinating as the events themselves. Look forward to more insightful comments.

Stephen Weinstein

Sue - You have qualified for a Gold Medal. Great observations about the Olympics and the broadcasting. If NBC read your posts they could have considerably improved their broadcasts! However, I do have to deduct points from your total score. The women's marathon was interesting but I did not need 1 hour and 45 minutes of coverage.

Jail Break

Great videos from the Beijing olympics trampoline. They are really so cool. I like the 4 or isn't 5 turns from the Russia's girls ? it's so amazing but the Canada's girls are at the 1st top. I like your post. They are all deserving to win. They are so good. Keep posting !


Awesome stunts in Beijing Olympics Trampoline. They were so great, the team Russians were so cool, they make 4-5 turn is it ? Fantastic pair. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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