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30 August 2008



Just as a matter of fact, currently 90% of pregnant women who have been informed that their baby will have Down's syndrome abort their fetus. I didn't know that.

Sue Katz

A reader left me a very long comment - longer than my posting. I discovered that it was actually a copy of a post on the writer's own blog. Here is the beginning and then the link where you can catch the rest of the comment. (Thanks for writing!)

A Few Thoughts on Sarah Palin's Noble Choices and Aspirations. As much as I may resent what I see as some of the most exploitive politics in recent times, I can't help thinking and talking about McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. It's true that I am playing right into GOP hands by helping wipe the slate clean after this week's Democratic convention. But this is a fascinating scenario that I'm still trying to get my head around....


Gema Gray

Well, I'm as blown away by the choice of Sarah Palin as the next person. As I digest the ramifictions several thoughts come to mind:

** She certainly addresses the wealth and elitism issue - definitely middle of the road American family. She knows how many homes she owns. Good choice for McCain.

** She shores up McCain's wobbly credentials with the Evangelical Right of the Republican Party. Eh, O-kay, but they were going to hold their noses and vote for him anyway, weren't they? Oh, sorry, I forgot about Bob Barr (who?)!

** Apparently women and independent voters, who are predominantly female, are now more likely to vote for McCain. But independents are usually centrists, and Palin shores up the Right Wing credentials. I don't get it...

** If McCain is incapacitated she becomes President - even for a day. Scary? Heck, yes! She has no experience whatsoever outside of Alaska politics. How can the McCainiacs *ever again* mention Obama's inexperience? It takes away the best issue they've got - and frankly one of the biggest points of concern for Democrats on the fence about supporting him.

** She's a woman. Yup, I noticed that. So what? Here your blog is right on the money. We didn't support Hillary just becasue she was a woman - although that did excite us. We supported her because she had the experience and intellect to make an outstanding President of the United States. Sarah Palin? Not so much...

** The choice highlights the craven sexism of the McCain camp, and has done the same for the media. If we feel the need as a society to be concerned for the care and well-being of a major candidate's young children, let's do so for the male candidates as well as the female ones. The first coverage of the choice of Palin was about how she would juggle her motherly duties to five young children, including a disabled infant, with her duties as a candidate and possibly Vice-President. I found myself agreeing with former Massachusetts Governor, Jane Swift (well, first tme for everything I suppose!) when she called the media out for this double standard and demanded that they pose the same questions to the McCain and Obama families - and to every male candidate with minor children.

** If Palin proves to be a bust (pardon the pun!), I worry that this will set back the march of women towards the halls of power. I am particularly concerned about a VP debate with Joe Biden. Women should be able to run for any elected office we choose...*provided* that we have the necessary qualifications and experience to be successful in that position. The choice of Palin is tokenism plain and simple and it could be used by men everywhere as further proof that women are not ready to be leaders. Sigh.

** On the plus side, this should encourage the Obama campaign to put Hillary out there as a surrogate as often as possible. It will help even more now than it would have with a different VP choice by the republicans.


Palin proves in deeds her love and courage: being a proud mother of five children, and a son with Down syndrome, is a good sign. She could be a person with a not long political experience, but I think that I could trust in this woman.
Good luck, America!
Santiago, Granada (Spain)

Ruth Z Deming

One of your best blogs, Sue, very accurately reported. I was outraged when I heard the same Ferraro interview on NPR. I also took exception at "them" and was shocked that this supposed life-long Democrat won't decide who to vote for until she's in the voting booth!

Also hadn't known about Palin's creationist views - or should I say cretin-ist views. This is the 21st century. Spare us, dear God, spare us!

Stephen Weinstein

I feel compelled to take issue with Santiago's comment. There are millions of loving and caring mothers on this planet BUT, that in itself does not qualify them to be in a position to make decisions with international implications. Trust requires demonstrable behavior over time. I believe that the Republican vice presidential nomination of Governor Sarah Palin, who lacks broad administrative experience and has NO national security experience, is an insult to women, the American people and the world community.


Thanks for another great post Sue. McCain's pick - if it was his, rumors are that he only met Palin once -- is
going to get all those evangelical votes that he would've gotten with Huckabee, but he gets all that play from the media because he selected a woman. But I can't see how anyone who would've voted for Hillary would find any common ground in Palin's very scary views. Oh, and I just don't get Ferraro.

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