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01 September 2008


susie Bright

well, I think it's interesting that Bristol is not married yet, and there are no actual wedding plans in place at all. According to the dirt scooped on the "father," he is a hard-drinking hell-raising redneck playboy who took the time on his MySpace page to note that he "doesn't want kids."

there is actually no pressure from the evangelicals for them to marry, at all. What's important is that Bristol be punished and learn her lesson by having the baby and seeing how hard it is. They are going to "love" her by shaming her and having a big "I told you so" nightmare that goes on for years.

It won't be "hard" for Levi at all. His family can't control him, and neither can the Palins.


I could really care less about whether Palin's daughter is pregnant and/or married or not. But the right-wingers, such as Palin, leave themselves vulnerable to attacks like this because they're so hateful and quick to judge anyone else who is not like them.

Bill Gerich

I am appalled by the reception given to the young man who imprgenated Bristol Palin. McCain seemed to be giving him a "well done" slap on the shoulder when he arrived at the airport. Why not just let him run a "victory lap" around the convention hall to the applause of the delegates. What hipocracy!

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