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24 October 2008


Joan Price

Such an insightful post, Sue! Thank you for sharing your experience of wearing hand-me-downs and how that impacted your feelings about clothing to this day, and relating that to Palin. I get it.

My clothing challenge is that I was very small and had to wear "preteen" clothing through high school. So unhip!

Joan Price

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Should win Title of the Year Award: article on Huffington Post titled "The Lyin', the Witch, and the Wardrobe".

Amanda Marcotte

The Palins are millionaires, though. If she campaigned in fleece, it was a choice to appear more down home and working class than she is. They're rich.


Your analogy of getting out of the hand-me-downs and consignment shops duds to the upscale designer labels is so spot on. This woman is far more manipulative than she wants people to know; hello, McCain didn't just discover her--she had uncovered herself (in a matter of speaking). You know when you are wearing good clothes made of fine fabrics like you know used clothes make you feel used.


I think the Palin clothes controversy has been a distraction ... but then, the entire McCain-Palin campaign has been a distraction.

Good point on clothes and class, though. However, there's a third way between the updated wardrobe and hand-me-downs. A great many of my not-so-wealthy friends made a virtue out of necessity and wore their "thrift scores" as badges of creativity and nonconformity.

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