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31 October 2008



what a shame that we have people in politics telling us who to attack and why based on God, let alone a v.p. whose dominionist views lead her to believe she is somehow fit to take this position.

personally, i view Palin as more fit for the psychiatric couch than the oval office.


I read in some poll or another that Sarah Palin's core supporters (the fundamentalists) only measure 25% of the Republican party. As evidenced by last week, there are now renown Republicans getting so fed up with her that they started calling her names such as "Diva", and I think something along the line of "Whacko", if not the exact word itself.

If McCain loses the election, she may not think that she's going home to Alaska, but the Republican party may other plans in mind, such as sending her back on a private plane to guarantee that she gets to her destination.


Yeah, I agree. She's not going anywhere. She's back in Alaska, incomprehensible as ever, blaming "the media" she's hinting she wants to become a part of again, you know, to help people trust in media.


OMG, what a piece of work.

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