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06 November 2008


Gema Gray

A stunning, wonderful, joyous, life-altering, result for race relations in this country.

Sadly, a terrible, terrible night for the civil rights of gays in this country, with several bans on gay marriage approved,and a ban on the adoption of children approved (albeit also banning adoption for non-married hetero. couples).

Two steps forward, one step back...(sigh)

Dr. Susan Corso

Katz, you, as always, have your fingers on the pulse of what is happening. Sure, President-Elect Obama has his work cut out for him, but SO DO WE! I am encouraging each person who voted to PLEASE PICK ONE ISSUE that matters to you on our great planet and make a commitment to action on that one front. If we all do it, things are bound to get better, even if life is confusing for a time.


"But then, you've got to wonder about the person who so badly wants that job. But that's another topic."

I've always wondered about this also, and would love to read your thoughts on this subject sometime in the future.

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