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26 December 2008



Thanks for writing this tribute to Ms. Kitt. I used her photos for alot of D.K.S.G images because she definitely personified the glamourous and sexual woman. I always felt mixed about Ms. Kitt's personal politics feeling she was definitely of her era at a time when Black was quite not yet Beautiful. She was without a doubt a survivor.

Ruth Deming

Thanks for your tributes to two great artists, both minorities (one a multiracial female, the other an English Jew) both felled by cancer which knows no discrimination, who along with their unparalleled artistic gifts were outspoken advocates for social justice.

How ironic that they both died in the holiday season, that time of year when peace and harmony are loudly proclaimed even though across the sea "ignorant armies" continue to "clash by night." (Israel kills more than 200 Palestinians in retaliatory strike in Gaza oh when will the bloodshed ever end)

Mike Evans

I seem to remember that much more recently a band called the Dixie Chicks voiced an opinion regarding war which was at odds with the government of the United States - and were also reviled. As Ms Kitt might have said: Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Grrrr.

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