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01 December 2008


C.S. Lewiston

Bravo and bravissimo for telling it like it is! The mainstream media (and even some of the "alternative" media) are noticeably remiss about this particular topic Let's hope that they wake up and tell what needs to be told, especially now that President Abstinence is finally being shown the door.

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James Addison

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It amazes me so many people think older people don't have sex. We have a great number of elderly customers.

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It is a common misconception that pleasuring ends when one or a couple grows older. But have they forgotten that the mind plays a bigger role than the activity of one's privates?

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these people are great inspiration for those old men, women who think they are outdated for love.nice blog

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love is a fountain, an elixir which never stops flowing. and these picture are the best example.

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if you love truly the stream of emotions, memories and other sentiments never die.

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wow!!! though they are old but they still loving I hope me and my husband will be like them when we become old too.


wow!!! how sweet I wish me and my husband will still be sweet until the old age.

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It is truly shocking that AIDS is still killing 6000 people per day! Awareness about AIDS should be taught about to all ages not just young people.

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