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20 December 2008



So gratifying to read your thoughts on these very important issues. I believe that you expressed what many people are feeling!

Dr. Susan Corso

Katz, your positions always delight me because you are so very articulate about them. For a more spiritual, centrist take on Rick Warren, I invite you and your readers to my Monday post on Huffington.

Blessings of the season,

Susan Corso


Great post. I share your dismay and feeling of betrayal on all counts. I just got my three (count 'em) celebratory Obama "yes we did!" posters in the mail ("Thanks for your $50!")
I guess I'll throw under the bus just as he did with me.

Sue Katz

kgsavoie - Yeah, I just got my free Obama bumper sticker. I sent it to a friend in London who was completely dazzled by someone of mixed race (she is too) being elected. Couldn't happen in Britain. Not at this point.

Thanks all for commenting.



I hear you on the Rick Warren thing. But, are you really suprised? Obama has always been a "centrist". On the Basketball court his favorite move is a head-fake to the left and drive right for the easy layup. :-)

Seriously, he's a very smart politician who studied the Clinton presidency and learned that he can piss long and hard on his base with no fear of losing their support.

The real hope I see in all of this is that by getting so many new people involved in the political process, and inspiring them to fight for change, Obama may have unleashed a force that will prove to be beyond his control.

Think Gorbachev....


Katz, I can understand people's opposition to Caroline Kennedy getting appointed to the Senate, but the vibe out there seems so much more hateful than I would have anticipated. What's up with that? Hey, Joe Biden is getting one of his flunkies to keep his seat warm until his kid is ready for it. Obama tried to get his "advisor" appointed to his seat, but Governor Jethro Bodeen had the Audacity to Hope for a better offer. Like my man Omar Little would say, "It's all in the game...".
So, let's not try to make Caroline the wicked witch of the west here. Would you rather see Andrew Cuomo get the spot? Cuomo, hmm that last name sounds familiar.. :-)

Dr. Susan Corso

Katz, here's the URL to the Huff Po. Thanks for posting it.


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