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18 January 2009


Dr. Susan Corso

Katz, we were right with you. Weeping for almost two hours straight. And Bono nailed where we are in the world right now. Thanks for sharing your good heart.


Gema Gray


Thank you for making *me* weep. That letter was unbelievable! I missed the event, tending to my sick child and frankly ignoring the inauguration hype.

I'm inaugurated out! I just want to get down to the Obama administration nitty-gritty of governing. I'm not ready to annoint him with sainthood yet. He has to *do* something first. Yes, he brings hope! Yes, he symbolizes an amazing step forward in race relations in this country! Yes, he represents real change at a time when we need it most...

But this man has *done* nothing yet. In a few short months we - led by the media - will be knocking him down from this too-high pedestal we are elevating him onto, when he doesn't deliver us to the promised land and solve every world and domestic problem in his first 100 days.

I just want all the hype to stop, and I want us - all of us, the world - to let this man have the space he needs to work hard to accomplish some of the lofty and worthy goals he has set forth.

Child of a younger generation and a different culture, I am not immune to the emotional impact that tomorrow brings, but I am very, very wary of the quasi-Messianic hyperbole that surrounds our new president-to-be. In my lifetime the world has not seen the kind of transformative leader that my elders saw (King, JFK, RFK, Ghandi, etc.). So please forgive me my cynicism...I too yearn for such a person, but hope and change alone do not sustain me. I want to see what this next political era brings to our lives - to the lives of citizens across the world - before I can become truly emotionally invested in President Barack Obama.


Katz, you are the Katz' pajamas, a clarion voice of reason in an ideological, neanderthal world. Where were you when my wife left me for a plumber named Joe?

Arleen  Weinstein

Another intelligent, informative and empathic posting-The celebration from the Lincoln Memorial gives me more hope for our futures. It was a glorious start to a new way of leading and bringing our diversities onto common ground for the common good. If Barack Obama is able to stand strong, we all win.
The video from Israel is heart-rending and must cause the staunchest of Israel's supporters to realize that peace cannot grow out of inhumanity and brutality.
You have great taste...Beyonce's jacket is fabulous.
PS: My friends call me Mrs. SVN-you can too.

Maggie Jochild

I watched the re-broadcast on HBO online and found myself weeping at my PC. All those gorgeous, proud, smart black faces, taking their rightful position in this society. I'm glad I didn't know about the Gene Robinson shit until later -- I needed to just have this experience.

I'd never heard of Betty Levette, but she stood out for me as the most powerful performer among a great many stellar performers. And of course good old Pete, singing the lyrics even lefties are sometimes afraid to sing, nothing can stop that man.

It's a Good Day, not just for America, but for the world. So many lives will be saved because of this single change. I'm sanguine about Obama, but I'm giving myself permission to Shout.


I have to agree it gave the U.S. to actually feel proud of something which I dont think most U.S. citizens if they are truly honest with themselves have not felt in a VERY long time. I am glad he included Betty Levette amongst so many celebrity whores(yeah, I said it) she is an inspiration to true artist. She didnt gain any real standing as an artist till she was 58! I also worry amongst all this love because it is an american pastime to destroy our "idols" it is practically sport. I plan to stick by Pres B! I am sure I will disagree with him and may have to protest his decisions but just for the sheer fact that he made not only the electoral process step up it;s game but the american media for at least this moment is no mere feat. He is not the messiah but he definitely has some good energy in there and it will be tested and there has to be people who will support him even when he falls short.

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