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08 January 2009


Ruth Z Deming

Thanks for the laughs, Sue. Jon Stewart, like you, manages to combine humor with the tragic events of the day.

I was watching some of the news shows on PBS last nite and it's amazing how when reviewing the truly terrible events of 2008, nearly every TV guest gave an embarrassed laugh about them. They certainly didn't laugh about them at the time (torture, reigning in of constitutional rights, etc) but in hindsight, our human condition copes by having a sense of humor.

If I remember correctly from my days as a psych student, Freud said that "sublimation" (such as art or humor) is the highest form of coping with life's inevitable disasters.

He who laughs first is blessed, I guess.

Bless you, Sue!

Ruth Z Deming wishing you a Happy New Year!

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