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27 January 2009



OMG! I did love " Milk" but I felt the same way regarding the lack of POC in the film!Actually it just crystalized my conflicting feelings with the queer community how yet again POC become invisible but white gay men feel free to make comments but how "they wont seat at the back of the bus" it is infuriating. I have heard from many that the Harvey Milk documentary was great. I have to admit though Sean Penn made Harvey Milk a delightful, intelligent man who would I have loved to have known. I think that is quite a tribute. I agree with Doubt, I feel Meryl was better in Devil Wears Prada( to be honest). I haven't seen the Wrestler but thanks for heads up!

Ruth Deming

Is anything more fun than sharing movie reviews? Perhaps my only disagreement is with The Wrestler. I was riveted by Mickey Rourke's charismatic face - that ugly yet pretty mug that took so much abuse. It seemed like he wasn't acting in the film as much as just being there. I know both you & I enjoyed Sat. morning wrestling shows as kids & thought this was like an animated & very bloody documentary about this gruesome sport.

I sat in on the last 10 minutes of Doubt while waiting for another movie in the multiplex to begin. All performances were superb! People of course should use their judgment about finding out the end of the movie beforehand.I decided to succumb to my curiosity.

Thanks to your review I'll wait to see Milk on DVD as I will Frost Nixon. Like you, I couldn't suspend disbelief that the actors - as seen in previews - were not simply all dressed up & pretending.

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