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14 February 2009


Sue Katz

For some reason my blogosphere friend Stephen (http://stephenviewsthenews.blogspot.com/) had trouble posting the following, so I'm trying to.
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Dear Sue,

I offer you a Valentine wish that is devoid of bitterness, tempered by subdued outrage and motivated by a stimulus of friendship with no hidden agenda.

For one of the brightest and sassiest writers in the blogosphere I extend to you a warm Valentine hug.



for this funny valentine i have no words. just stunning. so on the mark.

Ruth Deming

what a great gift hearing 'the divine one' again! thanks, sue, for unearthing my alltime fave jazz vocalist and reminding your readers of the true beauty of life - and of love's awesome power in this continuing crazy quilt of a world.

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