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24 February 2009


Sue Katz

Oops, as a friend pointed out, Tilda Swinton had fairly short hair. And I've found a photo showing Eva Marie Saint wearing a fancy pants-suit. (That's two older women wearin' the pants.) No guys in gowns, tho.

Maggie Jochild

Hear, hear! There was a LOT more fashion diversity (and creativity) 30 years ago, or even 60 years ago, than at the current moment. Conservatism has had its way with so-called individuality, and especially with regard to gender policing. For all the current generation's claim to being "beyond gender", they don't actually defy it very often in imaginative ways. Think Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or the Trocs, not to mention Annie Hall, versus how pastry-cutout predictable even those who claim to be defying stereotypes are now.

Well, as capitalism collapses, so will the value folks place on obeying the pink-and-blue boxes. (And no, rigidly adhering to stiff blue you were born pink is NOT deconstructing the boxes. Try again.)


I agree Ellen is one of my favorite Oscar host. When she started to vacumn I nearly cried! She was smooth and effortless, why didnt they have her back. I appreciate that Hugh is a triple threat which makes him great for the Tony's but for an audience who have absolutely no idea who Jerome Robbins is let alone Stanley Donen it was waste. To have non-muscial performers like Beyonce, Zac Efron doing classics, well you see what happened.As much as I adore Ms. Latifah- my absolute favorite moment in the Oscars in Memorium, I dont need anyone to sing or accompany it.The power of the passage is enough. Hopefully they will rememeber that next time but that said it was one of the better directed Oscars. As Danny Boyle said " Well Done"!

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