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27 February 2009


Stephen Weinstein

Katz – I am having difficulty understanding you. On one hand you post a blog titled “Economy Sucks? Try Endorphins.” You suggest endorphin-producing activities as a way to improve one’s spirits in these difficult times. Ryanair reads your article and devises a way for customers to generate endorphins. Passengers must now use a coin to enter the loo. In your own words it will result in the “jiggling and squeezing of my thighs.” Are you never satisfied?

Sue Katz

Stephen, do you know something about the "jiggling-while-squeezing-thights-outside-the-loo-in-plain-sight" activity that you want to share with the rest of us?

But wait! Ryanair would surely pay you more for this info than I could.

Stephen Weinstein

I do know something about the condition known as JWST. Because it can lead to a mind-altering rush it should not be attempted by the uninitiated. Nor is it appropriate to expound upon the phenomena in a family-oriented blog. I suggest that when flying Ryanair most passengers should make sure to carry the requisite coins, their own roll of Charmin and limit fluid intake for 3 hours prior to takeoff.

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