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19 February 2009



I think there is lots of outrage. Only most people are too busy holding their breaths hoping they still have a job tomorrow (I'm one of them) or they are frantically searching for a job and hoping they will be able to get unemployment if they can't so they can at least pay their rent (where I'll be in about 8 weeks as I've been given notice).

The issues right now are so overwhelming and most people are already only a paycheck away from being that woman they are scared on top of it.

I find myself asking where is the help for the hard-working person who lives within their means and still gets laid off....and then I stop myself remembering that if I expect the government to support me then the government is allowed to control me.

Such a fine line we walk.

Still, I have faith that it will work out for me and I'll be fine. I base that on the fact that I'm not panic stricken into mental paralysis.

Such is the world we live in today. I wonder how we allowed it to get this bad.

Sue Katz

You've put it very powerfully, Lynda. So so sorry to hear that you're getting laid off. Thanks for writing.

Guillaume Doucet

Don't make wild assumptions about people's financial status. For many elders who have know hard times, especially immigrants, gathering cans just comes naturally; money there for the taking. It's also a lucrative way to stay active. Case in point: my 88 years old grandfather , a wealthy state pensionner who rides his third hand bicycle to the dumpsters. There's just no way he'll take along his gas-guzzling Cadillac lest he would discourage can throwers from parting with their loot.

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