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03 April 2009



We no longer live in free countries, though many will deny that. Our Constitutionally protected rights to peacefully protest are not allowed and we are corralled in areas where those we want to see and hear us, can't!

If people don't start waking up soon, we are doomed for sure.

Sue Katz

From Lynda, who was prevented by typepad from posting this herself:

Safety is another word I've had enough of! Do these people understand anything? We start kids off far too early as it is with play dates and early education under the guise of teaching them to socialize with others.

Then they go to church where at one point, shaking hands or hugging the stranger next to you, in front of you and behind you is encouraged; then they go to school and high-fiving is banned! No wonder kids today are so messed up!

This principal needs a few lessons in common sense. She also needs to learn the difference between friendly and unfriendly touching. That she's educating children is frightening.

Maybe it's just me, but everything in life is about SSC safe, sane, consensual) and isn't (or shouldn't) be restricted to the kink crowd.

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