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07 July 2009



Palin compared herself to a Point Guard which is a poor comparison.
She should have been comparing herself to The Coach and the coach NEVER walks off the floor until the game is OVER!

Stephen Weinstein

Sue, this is one of the better assessments of the Palin meltdown. Since the publishing of your book "Thanks but No Thanks - A Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin" you have consistently observed and chronicled that when Ms. Palin came out of the political closet on August 29, 2008 she was intellectually and ethically naked.


You and I are on the same page Sue! I will submit though that her sense to a higher calling is more serious and intense that most realize. It can be likened to the devotion of a kami-kaze pilot or Islamic jihadist.

Mike Berke

Great posting!

By resigning now, she gives her replacement time in office. The incumbent has the edge over challengers. This helps keep the governorship in republican hands and frees her to treat us to a 3.5-year campaign. UGH!!

She still hasn't given ANY new, original ideas.

Just my $0.02 worth...

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