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13 September 2009



Greetings and welcome back!

Shirley Moskow

Welcome back!

Sue Katz

Thanks so much Anita and Shirley! Mwwaah! (air kiss)


Dear Sue
Welcome back!! I have been wondering where you were recently and thought maybe I had missed something and was worried about you...and there you were on facebook all the time. I truely love your blogs and appreciate them even more now it has become apparent how much work they entail.
xx Kaz

Maggie Jochild

i have resisted the musky call of Facebook because friends who are geekish tell me they retain some intellectual property rights over anything you post there. Which simply will NOT fly with me. I can't back that up with proof, just that the people who tell me such things are not conspiracy nuts in general.

I did give in and get on Twitter. Utterly worthless, in my opinion, except for the occasional poliical action.

Nothing beats writing. Nothing beats books. And yes, I ALWAYS grok your images and wonder where you got them. They don't enlarge when I click on them so I can't steal them all as I would like.

You take care, you delicate-minded, great-hearted, brawling beast of a warrior, you.

Gema Gray

So glad you came back. Your writing illuminates stories and opinions so often ignored by the mainstream press/media. I've missed your "voice" in my inbox.

I am still resisting Facebook...If I want a new friend, I'll go out into the world and interact with someone...

Sue Katz

I despise the cooptation of the word "friend" by Facebook, but although I have actually made a couple of virtual friends there, the main use for me is seeing all the postings of people who are keeping a very close eye on their particular area of interest. I get access to so much journalism I wouldn't otherwise know about - alternative, edgy, entertaining stuff. I have FB "friends" in various countries and it's a real education. Oh, and to Maggie, I haven't gotten into Twitter. I'm more interested in writing than updates.

anita constantine-gay

I think it is easy to overlook the effort you put in regarding images; readers enjoy them while taking for granted they'd be there.
Facebook has been a wonderful lifeline for me. I have been dealing with writers' block for some time, except for the collaborative work I've done for video. Having a place to put out what little I do write, even when it's as brief as a line or two, encourages me. Getting to know casual acquaintances better and reconnecting with old friends and relatives and talk about a broad range of subjects with them has been great. I am glad you are on Facebook, Sue, As much as I enjoy your blog.


Great to see you back, Sue! I've experienced the same pull from FB and Twitter, but sometimes, many times actually, a quickie is not enough.

Sue Katz

Steve, you KNOW I'm not going to argue with you there! To Anita and others who didn't realize what's involved in blogging, I'm sorry now that I didn't give a full accounting of all the steps - I just breezed over the process. It's worse than I recounted!

Ruth Z Deming

i'd gotten out of the habit of checking your blog since as you explained you'd become enamoured w/facebook. i'll greedily read any of your blogposts w/ferocious interest b/c as you say you're a writer, a born writer. i loved reading about your blogging process. and i do so enjoy your illustrations...totally unique and wonderful. glad you've returned to the blog format. i do love my own google blog which sounds much easier to work than your typepad one. our mutual friend stephen also had a google blog, not that i'm suggesting you change yours, i do love your classy colors.

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