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15 September 2009


Ruth Z Deming

i enjoyed traveling with you, sue, to p-town and its cozy shops. being seasick is the absolute worst. you never know when it'll hit. luckily our ancestors made the trip over from The Old Countries, sparing us the agony and leaving us only the glory of the new world.

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

What a lovely travelogue!

I'll admit that Provincetown might be one of the most gorgeous places I've lived (oh, that light!) -- only for five months, but it did feel like forever, in both good and bad ways -- I'll admit that I definitely did not find those people who take care of one another...

Love --

Sue Katz

I only once lived in a village abroad the size of P-town and while I loved the intimacy and community, eventually I couldn't stand the lack of privacy. Everyone knew everything about everyone. At that time in that country, it was a challenge to hide in the closet. Of course in P-town that's not an issue. Thanks for writing Mattilda.

Allen Young

Reading more and more of your writing makes me want to spend more time with you. And tell more people about your blog.
Wow, I used the word "more" a lot in one little comment, more than I planned.

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