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11 November 2009



just a "plug" for using vagina, vulva, labia (majora and minora) correctly. easy to find online.

many people say 'vagina' when they mean vulva, or even pubis. (or 'down there')

i don't think there's a universally agreed-upon definition of 'pussy'...but wouldn't it be fun to sit around and argue about it? with demonstrations, of course.


Gema Gray

OMG! I didn't even know such a ghastly horror existed. When I saw the title of your blog, I thought it was a reference to a recent "shock-horror" movie that I just read a review of in Newsweek (my apologies, I can't remember the name). This flick's claim to fame is yhat it's the first to show a woman removing her own clitoris with a pair of scissors. Who chooses to watch this stuff?!

Now, this! Who thinks up this stuff? Who was the first surgeon who decided this would be an acceptable specialty? Let me posit a tentative answer...it was not a woman.

sue katz

You're so right, Tracy. I was vaguely aware that I should define some terms - but the easy-way-out is using "pussy" - which I think of as an overview terms. Thanks for highlighting this.

sue katz

Gema, somehow I think you've nailed it.

Maggie Jochild

the meicalization of physical difference is intrinsocally linked to the pathology of oppression as well as supported by our catastrophic health care "system". succinct and extremely important reporting, sue -- as usual.

every day i thank g*d for making me a woman, and that includes my clitoral bounty, designed purely for pleasure.

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