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22 December 2009


Dr. Susan Corso

Katz, as always, your travelogue is stellar. It made me consider going to visit Los Angeles -- and that's saying a whole lot!

Blessed Holy-days,


Allen Young

Hi, I loved reading the travelogue and all the details about people, food, decor, politics/religion, color, culture and more. I also enjoy visits to L.A., where my friends include the successful gay author Felice Picano,who is always a great host. Dear Sue, welcome back to New England.

Sue Katz

Susan and Allen, it's worth going away just to get such lovely comments. As a visitor, I think LA has it all - love the energy of the immigrants, the endless exhibitions and every movie in the world available, or so it seems. Thanks for plowing thru that long travelogue with energy remained for comments!


Sue, thank you for a wonderful piece of writing to start the New Year off with.I've printed it off to take with me to work this week to soften the return. You just bring people and places alive like no one else and always make me wish to be there with you.

Sue Katz

And I wish you WERE there with me, Kaz, my sweet. Happy New Year.

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